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Rabbi Kalman Packouz -- humorist, educator, techno-innovator, writer -- has for the past 27 years delighted people's lives as one of the original Torah bloggers on the internet.  Rabbi Packouz comes from a unique background.  Brought up in a Reform Temple in Portland, Oregon, he transitioned to a fully Torah-observant life at age 22, via Aish HaTorah where he was one of the first five students.

          With over 100,000 subscribers to the Fax and Email editions, his warmth, love and caring shines through as he entertains and supports, helping his beloved readers deal with life's most pressing issues.

          Rabbi Packouz is the co-founder of Aish HaTorah's first branch in St. Louis, Missouri; the creator of The Aish HaTorah Computer Jewish Dating Service and the originator of TheWall.org, Aish HaTorah's webcam on the Western Wall -- where you can see live what is happening at the Kotel and send a note to be placed in the Wall.

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